5 Key Benefits Of Stucco Siding For Lee’s Summit Homes

Jun 29, 2018

Are you considering stucco siding for your Lee’s Summit home? If so, you’ve got plenty of good company.

Stucco siding has been grabbing more attention among homeowners, as people are re-discovering the charming, traditional beauty of this style of siding.

Be aware that not every Lee’s Summit exterior contractor will give you the stucco siding option, but when you find one that does, it is a great opportunity to get a beautiful and unique makeover for your home. You can mix and match siding products and styles with stucco to get the right look for your home.

However, a beautiful makeover is not the only benefit of stucco siding. Here are the 5 big benefits of stucco siding for Lee’s Summit homeowners:

Benefit #1: Durable

If you want maximum durability for your stucco siding, we recommend Acrylic Stucco. Acrylic Stucco is a special blend of high-performance acrylics that also include a special ceramic compound to give it texture and strength. This gives Acrylic Stucco superior qualities when compared to the more traditional, standard dry mix way of creating stucco.

Acrylic Stucco is resistant to moisture penetration, and is specifically designed for a long bonding on your home. This type of stucco will not crack or peel because the acrylic polymers allow for some elongation but without cracking.

Another reason this stucco siding is so durable is that the siding is UV-protected, which will help prevent weathering, especially in our varied climate.

Benefit #2: Low Maintenance

When Lee’s Summit homeowners choose stucco siding, they often tell us one reason is because they don’t have the time for any siding that will require heavy maintenance. This is another case where Acrylic Stucco makes a great choice.

It is specifically designed to resist dirt accumulation,so you can pretty much forget about time-consuming maintenance once it’s installed. The most you’ll have to do is rinse it clean with water if needed.

Benefit #3: Rich Textures & Colors

One of the biggest reasons stucco siding is growing more popular is the rich, textured look it gives a home. There is simply no beating it for charm and distinctiveness.

But it’s not just the texture of stucco siding. Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised by the rich variety of colors available with Acrylic Stucco.

Tip for Homeowners: If the Lee’s Summit siding contractor you choose is giving you extremely limited color options, consider contacting another one. An experienced, professional siding company will not limit your choice in styles and colors.

Benefit #4: Assortment Of Styles

Speaking of styles, stucco siding is versatile and that gives you a lot of options to create the right look for your home.

We recommend choosing a Lee’s Summit siding contractor that has a design service that can show you how stucco siding will look on your particular home. A company that uses home visualization software can use a picture of your home to create a customized design for you.

Once you see a customized design based on your home, you can feel more confident that the style of stucco you’re choosing is the right one for your tastes.

Benefit #5: Charming, Traditional Beauty

We saved the best benefit for last. When it comes right down to it, the biggest reason homeowners choose stucco siding is for the charming, traditional look it gives their home.

There is nothing quite like the special curb appeal that stucco lends a home. If it’s what you want, don’t settle for anything else.

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