5 Ways Vinyl Siding Can Improve Your KC Home

Nov 24, 2017

Deciding to move forward with a home improvement isn’t always easy. Homeowners wonder if the benefits are worth the costs.

If you’re on the fence about vinyl siding replacement in Kansas City, you should balance your costs against the benefits of new siding. For many local homeowners, vinyl siding is a great choice and is often more affordable than alternative siding materials.

You might be wondering though: what are the specific benefits of new vinyl siding installation? Here are the 5 ways vinyl siding can improve your home:

#1 Less Maintenance & More Durability

High-quality vinyl siding requires virtually no-maintenance. The most you will likely ever have to do is occasionally wash it down with a hose. No stripping, no painting, and no staining are necessary at any point.

The other benefit is that vinyl siding is a very durable product. It’s one of the main reasons vinyl siding is so popular in the Kansas City area: there aren’t too many products that require minimum upkeep and are still durable.

Although, it is important to make sure you select high-quality vinyl siding from a proven manufacturer – there are cheaper and flimsier versions on the market. Always look for a track record from the manufacturer with a good reputation – you want a vinyl you can be sure will stand the test of time.

The unique combination of low-maintenance and high durability is why it is possible to get a lifetime warranty on vinyl siding.

#2 Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of vinyl siding. However, if you select foam-backed siding, you can save money on energy bills and have a more efficient home.

Without foam backing, there is a small gap between the siding itself and your wall system. This is not a problem from an appearance standpoint, but you’ll improve the R-Value (a measure of how well your siding insulates) by adding foam backing. The foam backing will fill that small gap and help prevent energy from escaping.

Foam-backed vinyl siding is also a better choice because it provides more rigidity and impact resistance. This gives it an extra advantage in durability and the ability to withstand impacts.

Finally, foam-backing can also reduce noise penetration coming from outside your home.

#3 More Attractive

Here’s arguably the biggest reason vinyl siding can improve your home: it gives a home a total exterior makeover.

When you think about it, nothing covers as much area on the outside of your home as siding. If you want to increase curb appeal, the surest, fastest way to accomplish this is to get new siding installed.

If you want a whole new color scheme, vinyl siding has lots of options for you. You’ll also have many styles/textures to choose from so you can control the aesthetic updates you want to achieve.

One word of caution about this: there is ‘bottom-of-the-barrel’ priced siding out there that looks like cheap plastic. This is often made from recycled vinyl or is produced by a manufacturer with sloppy workmanship standards. Avoid this by not automatically going with the cheapest price. It’s a better investment to get vinyl siding that has a richer, deeper appearance.

You want to be extra careful about getting attractive siding, because otherwise you are selling your home short by cheapening its look with low-quality vinyl. Which brings us to the next point…

#4 Increase Home Value

High-quality vinyl siding will increase curb appeal dramatically, which of course will also impact the overall value of your home.

Therefore, you want to balance the cost of the investment to install vinyl siding against the long-term benefits.

Some Kansas City vinyl siding installers are willing to lessen your upfront costs by giving you a rock-bottom price, but this almost always comes with siding that is a rock-bottom product and with inferior installation. Deciding to purchase inferior siding and installation can lower the value of your home.

Of course, the reverse is also true. When you choose high-quality vinyl siding from a proven manufacturer and find a Kansas City vinyl siding installer you can trust, you’ll improve the value of your home.

Another good thing to consider when installing vinyl siding is the warranty. A good warranty can be a nice selling point if you put your home on the market at some future point. Always check on the transferability of the warranty to a new owner.

#5 More Satisfaction

There’s one final benefit of new vinyl siding. It’s less tangible than the other reasons, but some Kansas City area homeowners tell us it’s the best reason of all: a total makeover of your home makes you feel happy and satisfied every time you see it.

Pulling in the driveway and seeing a home you love is a great feeling. It is also very satisfying to know that you are taking care of your investment as a homeowner.

One important tip: Don’t lose all the benefits of vinyl siding by choosing the wrong installer!

Once you decide to move forward with vinyl siding installation, carefully select the company you choose for the project. Look for things like:

  • How long they’ve been in business?
  • Check out their online reputation.
  • Are they A+ Rated with the BBB?
  • Look for awards from Angie’s List or similar review sites.
  • Avoid Kansas City vinyl siding contractors who use unskilled labor or sub-contract it out to the cheapest crew.

Select the right company and you’ll get all the benefits of new vinyl siding for your home in Kansas City.


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