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Jun 06, 2016

Entrance of house

At Johnson County Siding & Windows, front doors are one of our specialties. This entryway defines your home and can enhance the curb appeal. While we offer a vast selection of exterior doors—wood, fiberglass, and steel—in your choice of 7 different stains and 16 colors, we know that some of our customers are looking to do something out-of-the-ordinary with their front door’s color. To help you get the look you want, here are some tips for painting your front door.

Gather the right supplies. A good paint job starts with quality paint and brushes. Make sure you buy exterior paint. Many paints have primer already mixed in, which saves a step. If you choose an exterior paint without primer, then be sure to purchase primer as well.

Choose an angled brush so you can cut in on the lines around the panels with the edge of the bristles. A two-inch angled brush is a good choice.

Pick a cool, dry day. Weather that is too hot or too wet will affect the way your paint dries (or doesn’t). You don’t need to wait until fall to paint your front door, but avoid rainy and humid days.

Clean it well. The prep work is the least fun of the tasks involved in painting your front door, but it’s also a critical step in achieving a quality result. Pressure wash the door, scrape off chipped paint, and sand it if you have a wooden door. Use a cleaner that is made for the type of door you have: wood or metal/fiberglass. Mineral spirits work well. Be sure to wipe down the edges.

Tape off the hardware and glass panels. Apply painter’s tape around the edges of the glass and be sure to run your fingernail along the edge to seal it, which prevents the paint from seeping underneath. A perfectionist will remove the hardware to avoid any paint drips, but if you carefully apply painter’s tape over your door’s hardware (hinges, knob, lockset), you can avoid the hassle.

Lay down a dropcloth. Open the door halfway and slide a dropcloth underneath to protect your entryway. If you don’t have a dropcloth, use a trash bag.

Stroke on the paint, don’t load it. If you’ve never painted before, you might be tempted to load too much paint on the brush. Dip only about a half-inch of the bristles into the paint, and then wipe one side of the brush against the can edge. Brush on the paint lightly to avoid drips and splatters. Start with the details, like the recessed panels, edges, and around the hardware. Then fill in the remainder of the door’s surface. Let the first coat dry completely before adding a second coat.

Sand and finish. When the paint has fully dried, sand off any drips or rough areas. Retouch as needed.

Painting your front door is an easy DIY project. In fact, you might be tempted to do it more often!

If you’re thinking about replacing your front door for a total makeover, please contact Johnson County Siding & Windows.. We service the entire Kansas City area with doors, installation, and extensive knowledge.


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