Don’t Have Energy-Efficient Windows? Here’s What You’re Missing

Sep 01, 2015

Better windows can help you save on energy costs

Energy efficiency is more than a buzzword thrown in discussions on home design or improvement. It is a window solution every homeowner in Kansas City must consider for meaningful benefits. Just what are those benefits?


Lower energy costs

Approximately 23% of the heat lost from an average home occurs through the windows. A lot of heat is lost through windows in the winter. In the summer, they trap heat. Your HVAC system works hard to make up for the unwelcome heat loss and gain. With energy-efficient replacement windows, you don’t have to over-work the system and inflate your energy bills.

What are your options? How about a low-E double or triple glass window that minimizes the amount of infrared and UV light passing through the glass while transmitting plenty of visible light into your room. Or a Simonton vinyl window with Argon gas that blocks up to 84% of UV rays.

If you want to put off replacement windows until next year, caulking and weatherstripping can lower air leakage around windows. Window coverings and treatments can also reduce heat loss and gain, but they’re ineffective at lowering air infiltration or leakage.


Reduce carbon footprint

Replacing your single pane window can save up to 4,000 pounds of CO2 a year or about 200 gallons of gasoline. In fact, energy-efficient windows can cut CO2 emissions by approximately three-quarters of a ton each year. Going green doesn’t seem so tough now, does it?


Boost home value

If you don’t really care about your contribution to climate change, maybe an enhancement in home value will interest you? According to a report by for-sale-by-owner website, a $10,000 expenditure on energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows can hike up the asking price on a home by around $8,500, translating into an 85% ROI. Going slightly off-topic, the report also revealed that replacement vinyl siding costing $9,000 can add $8,000 to the asking price for an ROI of 89%.


Better windows help keep you warm during colder months.


A more comfortable living space

In the winter months, cold glass creates drafts around windows, cooling the surrounding air and causing a temperature fluctuation in different areas of your home. Energy-efficient windows reduce cold drafts to keep you comfortably warm.

The interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warm, ensuring a higher humidity level and lesser condensation on windows. Reduced condensation prevents windows, walls and finishes from deteriorating prematurely.

Explore your options in energy-efficient windows by talking to one of our representatives today.


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