Stucco & Stone Siding Options In Kansas City

Jul 24, 2017

stucco siding kansas city installed by joco siding

When most Kansas City homeowners think about their siding options, they automatically think vinyl – or maybe fiber cement siding. Some homeowners think of wood siding, even with its drawbacks of high expense and heavy maintenance.

Sometimes left off the list of options are distinctive possibilities like stucco siding or stone siding.

That’s too bad, because these siding options can give your home an elegant look that increases the compliments your home receives. People love what these siding choices do for curb appeal.

Stucco Siding Options for Kansas City Homeowners

When a homeowner decides to choose stucco siding, usually the #1 reason is the charming, traditional look that it gives a home.

Another reason that it’s becoming more popular is that you no longer have to worry about the drawbacks of traditional stucco, which is made from a mix of cement, silica and lime. With traditional stucco siding, you have to be concerned about moisture penetration and cracking.

Those worries go away with the acrylic option, also known as synthetic siding, which is more durable and moisture resistant. It won’t crack or peel. It provides excellent adhesion and UV resistance, too.

Many homeowners also report that acrylic siding is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance, which has the potential of saving you money as the years pass.

Colors & Style Options For Stucco Siding

Acrylic stucco siding is a particularly versatile choice. It can be mixed and matched with other siding products. There is a lot of color flexibility, authentic textures to choose from, and many styles available.

siding kansas city
Before adding the curb appeal of stucco siding in Kansas City.
stucco siding kansas city
The same residence as above with the inviting curb appeal of stucco siding in Kansas City.


Stone Siding Options 

Stone siding has become the choice for homeowners who want to add a little flair and elegance to their home.

It’s part of a trend in exterior design to use more than one material to re-side your home. For instance, some Kansas City homeowners choose to use stone siding for the front of their home and complement it with fiber cement siding on the other exterior walls.

The key to this kind of ” “combination of textures” approach is finding an experienced Kansas City exterior remodeler.. Without the appropriate design skills and knowledge of stone siding, you might not end up loving the results.

Consider it a warning sign if your siding contractor is not enthusiastic about stone siding options or says, “we can do that” but then doesn’t provide any design guidance, or examples of projects they’ve completed that are similar to yours.

More About Stone Siding

Using completely natural stone is heavy and has higher costs. You can get the same beautiful look of natural stone patterns from manufactured stone. With manufactured stone, your costs go down because it is not as cumbersome to install.

There are several manufactured stone siding products on the market. One particularly popular choice for its curb appeal and natural appearance is Centurion® Stone.

Another benefit of manufactured stone siding: you’ll be in complete control of how it looks and can customize patterns, colors and accessories.

stone siding kansas city
Before the addition of stone siding in Kansas City.
stucco siding kansas city
The same home as above with the addition of stone and stucco siding in Kansas City.

Why You Need To Be Extra Careful When Selecting Your Kansas City Stucco Or Stone Siding Contractor

 No matter what type of siding you select for your home, the installation company you choose matters.

This becomes even more important when the siding product you want to install is unique and distinctive. Stucco and Stone siding continue to grow in popularity, but are still not nearly as common as a choice like vinyl siding.

What this means is that there are a LOT of Kansas City siding companies who will push vinyl siding above all other options. It’s just easier for them and doesn’t require as much design expertise.

(By the way, this doesn’t mean that you should just hire anyone if you go with vinyl siding. Vinyl must be installed correctly, too!).

The bottom line is that you should be extra careful in screening out siding companies that lack the experience and don’t have the design expertise to handle more specialized siding like stucco and stone.

What To Find Out About Any Stucco Or Stone Siding Company In Kansas City:

Be sure to do your due diligence when selecting your siding installation company. That’s how you end up with beautiful stucco or stone siding results that you love.

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