Top 3 Things to Consider When Buying a Quality Patio Door

Searching for patio doors? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

There’s no question that patio doors can offer a terrific benefit to your home. They can flood a dimly lit living room in light and inspire those inside with extended views of the outdoors. They can boost your home’s energy efficiency, as well as adding aesthetic to the space. However, there is no one-size fits all when it comes to patio doors, and there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you choose the right patio doors for you.

Hinged or Sliding

There are two types of patio doors to choose from: hinged patio doors or sliding glass patio doors. In the case of hinged patio doors, one popular choice is double doors with large panes of glass in the hinged French door style. There’s an elegance to this kind of patio door that some homeowners prefer. Sliding glass patio doors are full glass and run on a track while hinged doors open in or out like normal doors. Sliding glass doors are a great option if your patio or indoor space is limited, because these doors don’t swing outward so there’s no need to clear room for them to open. Sliding glass doors are also typically more energy efficient, because they run on a closed track, allowing less air to leak through.

Patio Door Materials

Another thing to consider is the material that makes your patio door. Vinyl and aluminum patio doors are common, but more and more homeowners are moving towards more durable options like fiberglass or steel. There’s also the option provided by Marvin of Wood-Ultrex® sliding patio doors. Ultrex® is a material so strong it’s often used in bridge construction. Marvin’s sliding patio doors have Ultrex® exteriors to withstand the outdoor elements and pine interiors so you can retain the elegance of wood to create the best of both worlds.

Patio Door Manufacturers

One final thing to consider is the manufacturer of the patio doors. Even the right materials and door style can be flimsy and disappointing in the hands of the wrong manufacturer. That’s why Johnson County Siding & Window Co. works with established top-notch door manufacturers like Marvin and ProVia. ProVia has a history of quality craftsmanship when it comes to doors, first entry doors and now patio doors. Marvin is better known for their windows, whether wood windows or Ultrex®. They extend the same quality to their sliding glass patio doors. The careful crafting of these doors, along with the right installation from your contractor, ensures energy efficiency, style, and durability for years to come.

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