Top 4 Home Exterior Upgrades for the New Year

A new year offers a fresh start, symbolically and sometimes practically. It’s a new tax year, and a year full of new resolutions. The new year could be the perfect time to get started on some much-needed upgrades to your Prairie Village home. What you tackle depends on what your home needs, from replacement windows to new siding. Here are a few popular options.

Replacement Windows

When compared to things like roof replacement or replacement siding, replacement windows are a fairly minor home upgrade, but they can make a big difference. Fresh new windows can boost your curb appeal in a subtle but distinct way. The biggest benefit to replacement windows, however, is the increased energy efficiency. Good replacement windows, like those made by ProVia or Marvin, are durable enough to last for years and resist air leakage and heat loss. This helps to lower your energy bills and can even boost your home value.

Replacement Entry Doors

Like replacement windows, the benefits of new entry doors begins on the outside but goes further than that. Entry doors are among the first impressions your home makes. A brightly colored, sturdy entry door will draw the eye, while something old and faded will reflect poorly on the exterior of your home. Strong entry doors also help to securely insulate the home and prevent heat loss. In choosing steel or fiberglass doors, such as those from ProVia, they can also boost your home security so you can sleep more securely at night.

Replacement Siding

The biggest element of your home’s curb appeal is your siding. Your siding is essentially the skin of your home, and if your siding looks old and worn, your home is sure to as well. Some older siding materials simply don’t stand up to weather elements as well as the newer products. At Johnson County Siding & Window Co., we offer several different types of siding, from vinyl to James Hardie fiber cement and even stucco and stone or a combination of cladding materials. The right siding will transform your home’s exterior as well as protect it against the elements.

Patio Doors

This may not be a replacement for your Prairie Village home. It may be a new addition entirely, but it’s one that you won’t regret. Patio doors can easily blend your indoor and outdoor space. You can choose hinged patio doors from ProVia or sliding glass Marvin Integrity patio doors, offering extended outdoor views and more natural sunlight. Adding patio doors to your home is also an excellent way to boost your home’s value.

Johnson County Siding & Window Co. would love to help you with these exterior home updates! Contact us today for more information or a free quote.