What Are Your Old Windows Telling You?

Jan 19, 2018

When was the last time you listened to your windows?

Sure, your windows might not speak to you with words, but they have other ways of communicating–especially old windows in need of replacement. Too often, we take windows for granted and miss some of the signs. But the longer your window goes without a much-needed replacement, these problems can begin to build up. Even the most efficient windows last about 20 years, and towards the end of that lifespan, things can deteriorate. Start paying attention to what your window is telling you now, so you know if it’s time for a repair or replacement.

Sliding Down

Some windows, when you open them, just don’t want to stay open. The moment you let go of them, they slide back down. This indicates a lack of tension between the window and the frame, often originating from a loose spring. You can replace the springs or tighten the springs. If the problem repeats, however, or if it’s been going on for some time, it might just make more sense to say goodbye to the old window and replace it.

Won’t Open

Or you might have the opposite problem. You go to open your window, but with all your strength, you can’t get it to budge. This could mean the part that holds the window in place is out of balance, or it could mean the window has swollen due to humidity. If the window is swollen, there’s not much you can do to replace it. Instead, you should consider replacing it with vinyl or fiberglass that won’t warp or swell due to poor weather.

Blurry or Foggy

The main purpose of your window is to allow you to see, so if it’s foggy, blurry, or faded, that’s always a bad sign. Window condensation is a common window problem, particularly in winter. If your window is foggy or dewy on cold winter nights, it means that it’s leaking too much cold air into the home. When the cold air clashes with the hot air inside, condensation forms and causes a damp, foggy effect. Older windows might also become faded with time. If you’re struggling to see out your window, it’s time to get them replaced–particularly with something more energy efficient to stop window condensation.

Bugs Using the Window as a Door

Occasionally, as windows get older, they let down their guard and start to invite friends into your home. If there’s a problem with your sealant or there’s too much space between the frame and window, little pests can sneak in and start to take over your home. This is a common problem with broken windows. If the issue is the caulk, you can simply reseal the window. However, if it’s any more complex and especially if the window is broken, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

With over 40 years of experience in Kansas City, you can count on Johnson County Siding & Window Co. to speak with expertise about window issues. We know all the signs of a window crying out for repair or replacement, and we’d love to help. Call us today at (913) 782-2878 or contact us online for a free quote to help with your window problems.


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