Window Condensation: Controlling Moisture on Your Windows

Marvin windows can help to avoid window condensation in your Prairie Village home.

At some point as children, we’ve probably all fogged up the windows of a car and drawn a smiley face or a heart into it. However, when it’s the windows of a home that are fogging up — without the help of your breath, homeowners are often less than thrilled. And that moisture on the windows can spell problems for your home. Window condensation, or foggy house windows, is caused when cold air leaks through the glass and meets with the warm air in your home. If left alone, it can cause mold or mildew problems and potentially rot wood window frames. Here’s what you can do to stop it.

Use Fans

We don’t usually think to use fans in the cooler months of the year, but if you’re trying to avoid window condensation, it’s a good idea. Ceiling fans will circulate the air, moving warm air towards the floor and away from the windows. You also probably have bathroom and kitchen fans to avoid the humidity that can come from the use of both. Make sure that you use these fans whenever you shower or cook, to keep the moisture in the air down to a minimum.

Warm the Windows

It may seem strange when the cause of window condensation is the warm air in your home meeting with the cold surface of the window but turning up the heat could help. Raising the temperature of your home slightly will help to warm your windows, causing window condensation to dissipate. Another option is to install curtains or drapes to warm the window. Of course, you’ll have to have them closed for the effect to work, and then you won’t be able to look outside your windows.

Replace Windows With More Energy Efficient Options

Ultimately, the best way to control moisture on your windows, may be to simply replace them. If your windows are creating window condensation, it’s likely that they’re allowing too much air to leak into your home. Consider a more airtight option, such as fiberglass windows from Marvin Integrity. These windows are made with Ultrex fiberglass, a material so strong it’s used in bridge construction. They’re eight times stronger than vinyl windows and sure to keep your air leakage — and therefore window condensation — to a minimum.

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