Window Replacement in Kansas City Through the Seasons

May 17, 2018

When is the best season to have a window replacement in Kansas City?

Have you ever searched for the best time to have window replacement done in Kansas City and received four different answers? Weather plays a large role in replacement window installation, and there are pros and cons to each season. Just as you shouldn’t discount spring window replacement because of April showers, or winter window replacement because of the cold, there are also challenges to be found in having windows installed in the summer.

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons for each season.


Pros: Spring is the second most popular time of year to have window replacements done. As the season of spring cleaning and renewal, this is the season that homeowners are often motivated to get around to their home improvement projects like window replacement. Rising temperatures and longer days make it easier for installation crews to do the window replacement efficiently, so the job will take less time than it might in winter. It’s also a great time to have energy efficient windows installed before the heat of summer makes them necessary.

Cons: Because this is approaching busy season for window replacement crews, you won’t have as much freedom with scheduling as you would during cooler seasons. Spring is also famous for rain, which can delay the project. However, spring showers tend to be short-lived and followed by sunshine, so it’s possible the delay will only last for part of the day rather than the whole day.


Pros: Summer has the longest days out of the year, and warm, dry weather. Many homeowners view Summer as the best time of year to have any home improvement projects done, including window replacement. While the installation crew works, you won’t have to worry about a cold draft seeping into your home. Summer weather also helps strengthen the caulk that seals the window, so you’ll have a tighter seal. Some window contractors will also run special offers around this time.

Cons: Summer is by far the busiest time of year for window replacement crews, so scheduling can be a challenge. The other challenge is coordinating the available appointment times with your own schedule for the summer. With kids home from school, vacations, and backyard parties, it can be a busy season. While you might not need to worry about cool drafts breezing into the home during summer, you will need to be wary of insects and such.


Pros: If there’s any season where window flaws will become known, it’s winter, so many homeowners prefer to have window replacements done in the fall to start the winter off fresh. In autumn, you may begin to notice fog or condensation on your windows – both signs that the window is letting too much cold air into the home. This is an issue that’s best to rectify as soon as possible. As far as the weather is concerned, autumn is on par with spring. It’s not as hot and muggy as summer, but not quite cold enough to make the home uncomfortable during a window replacement.

Cons: Because many homeowners are preparing for winter, autumn is still a bit of a busy season for window replacement crews, making scheduling not as much of a challenge as summer but still a little tricky. Rain is also common in autumn, and unlike spring, often lasts for several hours or most of the day. Days become shorter in autumn, meaning crews have less time to do the work.


Pros: Winter is not the first season that most homeowners think of when it comes to window replacement, but there are some advantages to having window replacement done in winter. In winter, you’re most likely to notice the need for window replacement and again, it’s best to have problems with your window fixed as soon as you can. It’s the least busy season for most window replacement crews, so you’ll have your pick of appointments when scheduling. It’s also at this time of year that suppliers offer specials on materials, so having a window installation done in winter is often less expensive than any other time of year. And having more energy efficient windows installed in winter can help to lower your heating bills, as they’ll more thoroughly insulate the home.

Cons: The disadvantages of winter window replacements are more widely known. It’s cold, and that cold air can seep into the home while windows are being replaced. Snowstorms and freezing rain can also cause delays. Some homeowners also feel that having windows replaced in winter is too late, because by then the damage is often already done. But it’s better to have the work done late than not at all.

Whatever time of year you choose for your window replacement, Johnson County Siding & Window Co. will make the process as comfortable and efficient as possible. Contact us today about your window replacement and when you’d like to have it done.


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