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Yes, we offer some of the best financing available for siding in Kansas City. Popular plans include No Interest Or Payment For 12 Months and Equal Payments For 60 Months With No Interest. Visit our Financing page for more details.


This depends largely on the age of your windows and the severity of any problems you’re experiencing. If you have a serious issue, you likely have no choice but to replace your windows as soon as you can. That said, here are the average lifespans for different replacement windows in Kansas City:
  • Aluminum Windows: 15-20 years
  • Wood Windows: up to 30 years (with rigorous upkeep)
  • Vinyl Windows: 20-40 years
  • Fiberglass Windows: 20-40 years
Keep in mind, these are estimates ONLY. As mentioned, wood windows can last you 30 years—but they need constant maintenance to reach that lifespan. Vinyl and fiberglass windows can both last between 20 to 40 years, but fiberglass’ superior strength means it’s more likely to reach the 40-year end of the age spectrum.
Yes, replacing windows does increase your home’s value—not just monetarily, but in terms of overall appeal to potential buyers.

According to Consumer Reports, homebuyers have named “energy efficiency” as the second biggest attribute that can influence a purchase (first place is a safe community). In other words, replacing your windows is one of the most important things you can do to impress buyers.

The natural follow-up question that homeowners have is “How much will replacing my windows increase my home’s value?”

According to, the national average for cost recouped from a vinyl window replacement project in 2018 project was 74.3%. This means if you invest $12,000 in replacement windows, you can expect an immediate increase in your home’s value by over $8,900. This is a higher ROI than kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and even wood window replacement.
How much it costs for new windows in the Kansas City area hinges on a variety of factors—decorative features, energy upgrades, the material, and so on. But if you want a high-quality project, replacement window cost isn’t as important as replacement window value.

For example…

Let’s say you get three quotes on replacement windows, and one of them is substantially cheaper than the others—half the cost or less. Your gut reaction may be to gravitate to this cheap quote—after all, it seems like you’ll save a lot of money.

But here’s the problem: window replacement is a get-what-you-pay-for project. And if you choose the lowball price, you are almost certainly going to get low quality performance, efficiency, and installation. For proof, just read a few of the many, many negative online customer reviews from people who went with the cheapest quote… only to have their windows break down shortly after installation.

Yes, going with the cheapest window quote can save you money on the front end. But you’ll actually wind up paying MORE in the long run.
There are many types and styles of replacement windows. How to choose the best replacement windows for your home depends on your needs, tastes, and other factors.

Read our 2019 Guide To Replacement Windows for a comprehensive look at your replacement-window options.
The “Big 3” replacement window materials in Kansas City are vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. For an in-depth look at these materials, you can read our Ultimate Guide To Getting The Best Kansas City Replacement Windows For Your Home. Below, we’ve outlined some of the key differences among Kansas City’s most popular windows.
Many homeowners prefer vinyl windows to wood windows. A few reasons are…
  • Vinyl windows are low maintenance, while wood windows require constant upkeep.
  • Wood is by far the most expensive window material; vinyl, however, provides all the benefits most homeowners look for, but at a more attractive price point.
  • Today’s vinyl windows look great—no longer do homeowners have to choose wood windows if they want an elegant, sophisticated look.
  • With the right energy features, vinyl windows can provide excellent efficiency for the investment—more so than wood.
Fiberglass replacement windows have recently soared in popularity in Kansas City. Many homeowners are even starting to opt for fiberglass over vinyl. Here are a few reasons why…
  • Fiberglass windows are much stronger than vinyl. For example, Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass window is eight times stronger than vinyl. This contributes to a longer lifespan and better durability in the harsh elements.
  • Fiberglass remains stable in extreme temperatures. It expands at nearly the same rate as the glass, which means fiberglass windows remain tighter over time. For comparison, a vinyl replacement window can expand and contractor up to nine times more than fiberglass.
  • Fiberglass windows can reproduce the look of wood with near mirror-image authenticity. Vinyl cannot.
  • Fiberglass is an exceptionally energy efficient material—on par with or even more efficient than vinyl.
Fiberglass windows hold a number of advantages over wood windows. Here are a few of them…
  • Fiberglass has a price point that is more attractive to many homeowners.
  • Fiberglass is able to withstand harsh weather better than wood windows. They also aren’t prone to moisture the way wood windows are.
  • As mentioned in the “Vinyl Vs. Fiberglass” section, fiberglass window frames can replicate the look of wood. This provides you with the gorgeous curb appeal of wood—with none of the wood-related hassles.
  • Fiberglass is less prone to expansion and contraction than wood windows. This is important to retain that tight, sealed fit that helps keep your home energy efficient.
The difference between DIY window repair vs. replacement comes down to the severity of the problem and whether your windows are under warranty. Naturally, you want to reach out to the company that installed your windows if you believe you have a warranty issue.

But here is what we’ve found in our 40+ years in business: Window replacement is typically the better option for Kansas City homeowners. Why? Many homeowners experience an issue with their windows either because A) their windows are old or B) their windows are low quality. Let’s first address point A. Old windows usually have multiple issues—leaks, performance problems, worn-down aesthetics, and so on. In this case, window repair would not only be hugely expensive… it may not even be possible. In this case, investing in replacement windows is the much wiser choice.

As for point B: If your windows are relatively new yet giving you problems, it likely means they are cheap “builder-grade” windows. Getting these low-quality windows repaired is like putting a spare tire on your car—it’s a quick fix, but it’s definitely not a permanent solution. After a short period of time, problems will again begin to develop. It’s the same with builder-grade windows—a repair job might solve an immediate problem—but it’s only a matter of time (a short amount of time!) before more issues creep up.
You can expect excellent window replacement by a Kansas City company with a proven track record that spans over four decades.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have NEVER had a complaint filed with them.
  • We have won nine straight Angie’s List Super Service Awards.
  • We’ve performed thousands of window projects in Kansas City.
  • Instead of sales pressure, we take an education-based approach to consultations—we do only what’s right for you.
  • We’ve used our 40+ years of experience to pinpoint the best replacement windows on the market. These are the ONLY windows we install on our customers’ homes.
If this sounds like the kind of Kansas City replacement window company for you, contact us today to schedule your FREE estimate.


The three most popular materials for siding in Kansas City are vinyl, fiber cement, and wood. If you want a comprehensive look at each material, you can read our Kansas City Homeowner’s Guide To Siding Replacement. Below, you will find a brief explanation of each material’s pros and cons.
  • Vinyl Siding: Vinyl is the most popular siding material because of its price point, low maintenance, and resistance to warping, peeling, fading, and insects. Drawbacks of vinyl siding: its appearance isn’t as attractive as fiber cement and wood to some homeowners; low-quality vinyl siding is more prone to cracking.
  • Fiber Cement Siding: Fiber cement siding is ultra-sturdy and can provide the appearance of actual wood. It requires much less maintenance than wood siding, and is impervious to harsh elements like high winds, hail, and humidity. Fiber cement is more heavy-duty than vinyl, so it costs more than vinyl siding up front. That said, fiber cement siding is a better long-term investment because of its strength and performance.
  • Wood Siding: Wood offers that classic look many homeowners love. The drawback is that wood is the most expensive siding material, AND it requires by far the most upkeep. Wood needs regular refinishing, scraping, and painting. It’s also prone to rot and insects. If you’re looking for the elegant curb appeal of wood siding, fiber cement can be just as beautiful—but without all the problems and maintenance.
Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners decide to replace their siding:
  • Rotting, Cracking, Warping: These aren’t just eyesores—they can weaken the structural integrity of your siding. Any type of crack or hole can also allow moisture to penetrate the siding and cause damage underneath. (And then you’ve got a lot more to worry about than your siding!)
  • Higher Energy Bills: If you’re energy bills seem to climb month over month, old siding may be one of the reasons. Inefficient siding (combined with poor insulation) can let outside air into your home from the walls, around windows, and even through electrical outlets. Today’s vinyl and fiber cement siding provides excellent efficiency and insulation to solve this problem.
  • They Want A Fresh Look: Many homeowners decide to get new siding to improve curb appeal. One of the first things people notice about a home is the siding. Homeowners love that feeling of their beautiful new siding being aesthetically pleasing to neighbors, houseguests, and passersby.
  • Tired Of Upkeep: Siding material like wood can be a chore to maintain. Homeowners who have upkeep-heavy siding eventually get tired of the work and opt for low-maintenance siding like vinyl or fiber cement.
  • If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, new siding may be a wise investment. In this case, it’s smart to have a reputable contractor assess your siding and help you find the right solution. Learn how to find a Kansas City siding contractor you can trust.
Yes, siding replacement can increase the value of your home—and in a big way. The 2018 Cost Vs. Value report from shows homeowners who replace their siding recoup 76.7% of the cost on average. In terms of ROI, that’s better than bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and roof replacement.

The ROI of new siding varies a bit depending on the material of the siding. Fiber cement siding provides the highest return on investment, since it’s an attractive material that’s extremely durable. Wood siding typically produces a lower ROI because of its higher costs and shorter average lifespan if it’s not properly maintained.
Yes. Stucco/stone is actually a very popular siding combination in Kansas City. They produce a beautiful dynamic that can create unique, head-turning curb appeal especially on the front facade of your home.

Explore our Stucco Siding and Stone Siding galleries to see how these different types of siding perfectly complement each other.
It really depends on your needs, tastes, and budget. Different types of siding have different price points, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements.

Some Kansas City homeowners prefer vinyl siding because it’s attractive, low maintenance, and typically costs less than other siding materials. Other homeowners prefer the extra stability and prestige of fiber cement siding, and don’t mind investing a little extra up front to get it.

Bottom line: There is no “best type of siding” or “one size fits all” solution that is right for every home. If that’s not the concrete answer you’re looking for, we would be honored to assess your situation personally and provide you with our expert recommendation. An in-person consultation is the hands-down best way to ensure you get exactly what you want.
Siding replacement prices in Kansas City depend on multiple factors, such as the material and the company you hire for installation. For example, you’re going to invest more up front on fiber cement siding than on vinyl siding. This is because fiber cement siding (like James Hardie’s Cement Board) is thicker, more stable, and requires special installation.

That said, there is a sort of “unwritten rule” when it comes to buying siding: Do NOT go with the contractor who gives you a lowball quote.

A cheap quote could mean the siding is second-rate, the contractor’s work is substandard, or both. While going with the cheapest quote may save money up front, you’ll end up spending MORE overall in repairs and premature replacement. We’ve lost count of the number of homeowners who have called us to replace their siding after they went with a contractor who gave them a lowball quote.

The best way to know if you’re getting a fair price is to have a trustworthy company provide you with an estimate. It can be hard for homeowners to judge contractors accurately, so read our Homeowner’s Guide To Choosing The Best Exterior Contractor to learn more about what to look for when considering a siding company.


If you know you want to get your home exterior project done, but are feeling stress about paying for it all at once, we can help.

Our financing partner, GreenSky, has sensible payment plans that work for homeowners who prefer to pay in installments. You can also ask your JoCo Siding & Window Co. sales representative about the details!

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