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Will Installing New Windows Lower My Energy Bills?

Aug 17, 2023

Sunny living room with kitchen in the back and expansive windows showing the backyard“Energy efficiency” is quite the buzz word these days when it comes to replacement windows. Most replacement windows claim to be energy efficient and supposedly offer significant savings for your heating and cooling costs. But with so many claims out there, sometimes homeowners wonder, “Is this just another sales gimmick?” How much of a difference can a few windows really make on your energy bills, anyway?

While some advertisers may tend to overstate the impact, your windows do make a noticeable difference in your energy costs, particularly the two factors that play most heavily into your energy costs: heating/air and lighting. Old, damaged windows could be a detriment to both of these things, and the right replacement windows could improve them.

Replacement Windows & HVAC Costs

All windows allow some amount of air to leak through them. The goal is to keep air leakage to a minimum. If it’s too much, your house can feel stuffy on a hot summer day or chilly and drafty during the winter. And if your house is uncomfortable, you’re more likely to turn up the heating or air conditioning to balance the temperature. Thus, your energy bill spikes. The NFRC has a scale to rate air leakage (AL) in energy-efficient windows for homes ranging from 0.1-0.3. The lower the number, the better the replacement windows.

R-Value, which judges a window’s ability to resist heat flow, is also important to consider. Replacement windows with high R-value will be able to keep heat inside your home during the winter and keep it from getting in during the summer. If your windows have low R-Values, you may notice condensation on the inside of your windows during winter months. This is a sure sign that it’s time to invest in energy-efficient replacement windows.

Replacement Windows & Lighting

If it’s sunny out and you have good windows, you shouldn’t have to rely on electric lighting to light your home during the day. The windows should flood the home with natural light, which is not only cost effective, but healthier for you. In fact, before electricity was popularized, this was basically the purpose of windows. However, there are factors that can impede your window’s ability to light your home.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a tree blocking the sunlight. By trimming the tree, you can enjoy sunlight streaming into your home through the same window. Sometimes the position of the window isn’t convenient for letting in much light, in which case it might not be replacement windows you need but new windows altogether. In some cases, however, it might be that the old windows are damaged. For instance, gas-filled windows—which are actually very efficient in terms of slowing the flow of air between glass panes—may have a broken seal which gives them a distorted or grimy look. The less light the windows allow into the room, the more lights you have to turn on in your home.

Once again, the NFRC has another rating system that judges a replacement window’s ability to filter natural light into a room. In this case, it’s called Visible Transmittance, or VT. VT is rated on a scale of 0-1. The higher the number, the more light that replacement window lets in. The more light your replacement windows let in, the more you can potentially save on your electric bill.

FAQs About Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. But in case there is still some confusion, or if you’re interested in learning more about energy-efficient windows for homes, here are some commonly asked questions and their answers:

Do Energy-Efficient Windows Really Make a Difference?
Yes! Energy-efficient windows make it easier for your home’s HVAC system to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors, making your home more comfortable year-round and potentially reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Which Replacement Windows Are the Most Energy Efficient?
The most energy-efficient windows are ones that are made from high-quality, insulative materials and feature multiple panes of glass with a low-emissivity coating. Some windows also have inert gases between the panes of glass, which improve the insulation, help to reduce airflow, and provide added protection against harmful UV rays.

Are Single or Double-Hung Windows More Energy Efficient?
Single-hung windows are generally more energy efficient compared to double-hung windows. However, the quality and installation of the window matter more than the style, and it is possible to find energy-efficient double-hung windows.

Is the Build Quality of a Window the Only Thing That Matters?
There are several things to pay attention to when looking for energy-efficient replacement windows. You want replacement windows that are made with high-quality materials and were designed by a reputable company. You’ll also want to make sure that you have competent window installers handling your home window replacement, as the quality of the installation plays a huge part in a window’s performance.

Can I Finance Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows?
The answer to this will depend on where you get your new windows from. Many remodeling companies offer some type of financing for project like a home window replacement. If you’re located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, turn to Johnson County Siding & Window Co. We offer a wide range of energy-efficient replacement windows from leading manufacturers and provide financing options for our customers.

Are You Ready for a Change?

If you’re tired of seeing your energy bills climb, it’s time to invest in energy-efficient replacement windows. Contact Johnson County Siding & Window Co. today to learn about how our window installation services in Kansas City can help you save money every month on your energy costs.


If you know you want to get your home exterior project done, but are feeling stress about paying for it all at once, we can help.

Our financing partner, GreenSky, has sensible payment plans that work for homeowners who prefer to pay in installments. You can also ask your JoCo Siding & Window Co. sales representative about the details!

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