Whether you plan to live in your home for decades or plan to move out in the next few years, homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their home and especially their curb appeal. This is partly because trends change so frequently, and it can be an effort to keep up with the change. There’s also the element of ROI — return on investment. Because home upgrades are often expensive and home values fluctuate so often, it’s a good idea to invest in your home in a way that eventually pays off for you.

How do you do that in 2019? Here are a few suggestions.


Siding is one of the most crucial elements to your curb appeal. It’s the “skin” of your house. It determines the color and texture of the outer walls of your home, and it makes a big impression on friends and neighbors or even on-lookers. So, if your siding is old and worn or not serving your home as well as it could, replacing your siding could be a massive help to your curb appeal.

While the look and texture of wood siding might be appealing at first, it quickly becomes obvious that it’s very high maintenance and can swell or rot easily. We recommend replacing aging siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding. This siding can take on the authentic look of wood, but far outperforms wood siding and even vinyl siding. In Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, James Hardie siding has been ranked the siding with the greatest ROI 8 years in a row.

If you’re looking for siding that makes a bigger statement, consider doing the front of your home in stucco and stone and keeping the sides of the home covered with James Hardie siding. That way you get the stunning look of stucco and stone veneer with the ROI of James Hardie.

Window Replacement

Window replacement is more subtle but can have a meaningful impact on your curb appeal, as well as ROI. When your windows are old, it’s not just an outdated aesthetic you may have to contend with. Window condensation and warping frames come with the territory, not to mention higher energy bills. Less energy efficient windows let in too much air from outside and allow too much heat to escape from inside, which causes your HVAC to have to work harder to heat and cool your home. The right window replacement will help to add a fresh look to your home and lower your energy costs. Consider, for instance, Marvin® Integrity windows, made with Ultrex fiberglass. With a material so strong it’s used in bridge construction, there’s no stronger replacement window on the market. These stay airtight for longer than the competition.


The doors you choose for your home can also make a big difference. Your entry door can offer both beauty and security to the exterior of your home. Patio doors from ProVia or Marvin®, can also help to boost your ROI. In 2019, combining your indoor and outdoor space is still a big trend. ProVia’s hinged patio doors are gorgeous and maintenance free, made with fiberglass or steel, while Marvin®’s Ultrex sliding glass patio doors let in light and extended views of the outdoors as well as a tight seal and durability.

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