3 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior in Mission Hills

Homeowners in Mission Hills dedicate a lot of time to the interior of their home. That is, after all, where they have to spend most of their time, and it’s important for it to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But the exterior of your home needs love, too. Your home’s exterior determines your curb appeal, whether to friends and neighbors or to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home. If it’s the exterior of your home that needs sprucing up, here are a few ways to do so.

Outdoor Lighting

Want to draw attention to your home, even in the evening? Adding home exterior lighting is a great way to do that. Many homeowners have porch lights for entertaining purposes or to help friends find their house after the sun goes down. Lights can also be installed along the soffit of the house. Another option is ground lights along a walking path from the driveway to your porch. You can also install accent LED lighting to trees and bushes. You don’t want to go overboard with lighting, but a little lighting can go a long way.

Upgraded Entry Door

Your entry door is a relatively small element of your home’s exterior, but it makes a big impact. If yours is old, faded, or worn out, it might be a good idea to replace it with something sturdier, like fiberglass or steel entry doors. If you have a good entry door, but you want to help it to stand out a little more, consider painting it. Red doors are popular for a reason: they naturally draw the eye in their direction and add a tasteful contrast to your overall curb appeal. Blue or green doors can do this, too, but sometimes there’s no beating a fresh finish to a classic woodgrain look.

New Siding

Your siding undoubtedly makes the biggest impression when it comes to your home exterior, so if it’s old and faded, you’ll want to replace it. You can opt for vinyl or fiber cement siding in terms of more traditional choices; however, if you really want to make a statement, consider a bolder choice like stone siding. Our stone veneer from Centurion Stone looks and feels just like real stone. It’s powerfully elegant, and you can choose from 25 patterns and 200 different colors. It’s a sure way to make your home stand out. If you can’t do the whole house in stone siding, consider doing the front of your home in stone siding, with the sides done in fiber cement.

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