Is It Better to Replace Windows or Siding First?

The truth is that when the time comes for home upgrades, it’s rarely just one little upgrade. Often, it’s a combination of several upgrades that have been building up for some time. The question then becomes: which comes first? Let’s take, for instance, windows and siding. Both home improvement projects could be important to your Kansas City home this year, but which one takes precedence? Here’s the order we suggest for your windows and siding projects this year.

Windows First

Most home contractors will recommend you install windows first. This gives the installation crew the time and space they need to fit the window in perfectly and add capping to protect it. Windows also require a moisture barrier which is placed behind the siding, so it would make little sense to install the siding first, only to have to remove it around the window and replace it. There’s also the concern that removing the old siding could damage the capping on the old windows. For these reasons, it’s generally seen as more sensible to install the windows first and then install new siding around them.

Siding Second

By extension, it makes sense to do siding installation after installing your windows. This will cut down on the cost of labor — if you install siding first and have to work around the windows, it may cost you in terms of labor — as well as to protect the siding. If you install siding first and then install windows, you may run the risk in scratching or damaging the siding when removing or installing the new windows. By installing the siding second, you can ensure that your siding looks fresh and neat.

Find a Contractor Who Can Do Both

Of course, the ideal situation is to have your windows and siding replaced together. When you find a Kansas City home improvement contractor who installs both windows and siding, you can save money and ensure that your installations are all done smoothly and in the correct order. Your contractor will probably still install replacement windows first and siding second. However, in hiring the same company for both, you may be able to save on labor and other costs, and you can trust that you have the same level of quality.

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