Top Exterior Home Trends To Inspire Your Next Remodeling Project

The start of a new year is a great time to start thinking about home improvement projects, especially home exterior projects. You can boost your curb appeal just in time for spring, helping both you and your guests and neighbors look at your home with new eyes. Your home siding is one of the most important elements of your home’s curb appeal, so if you’re dealing with old, worn out siding, that’s where you’ll want to start.

The Look Of Wood

We all know there’s a classic sort of style that comes with wood siding. Unfortunately, wood siding is also incredibly high maintenance. Without regular treatment and protection, it can swell, rot, or split. Fortunately, there are more efficient siding options out there, like vinyl and fiber cement. What’s even better, is that many of these siding options are able to create the look and texture of wood, while being more durable and efficient. James Hardie fiber cement is the perfect siding if you want to achieve the look of wood without the hassle.

Different Textures

Siding isn’t all about having the right look. It’s also about the feel of the siding. As stated above, James Hardie fiber cement siding can create an authentic feeling woodgrain texture, as can the right vinyl siding. With vinyl siding, you can also find a smoother, glossier texture. However, if you’re really looking for a smooth look, you might consider stucco siding. Rather than siding boards, stucco is made up of one smooth, acrylic surface that’s often popular in the Western United States but stands out beautifully here in Kansas City. There’s also stone siding made with stone veneer by Centurion Stone that has the look and feel of real stone.

Mix Up Your Siding

Can’t decide between two different types of siding? Why not mix things up and combine exterior claddings? You don’t have to settle for one type of siding all the way around your home. Many homeowners like to combine stucco and stone siding for an overall stately elegance. Others prefer to do the front of their home in stucco and/or stone, while the sides of the home are done in fiber cement or vinyl siding. This allows you to have the look you want while still saving money. Talk to your siding contractor about how you can combine different types of siding for the best look.

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