Impress Your Guests with a Beautiful & Durable Provia Entry Door

Make a Big First Impression with Your Kansas City Home’s Entry Doors

For better or worse, your entry door will always be one of the first things people notice about your home. Many homeowners paint their entry doors in bold, stand out colors to draw the eye in an appealing way. Stately details in the craftsmanship of the door can give it a sort of elegance that appeals to any guests as they enter your home for the first time, and all the times after that. To make a good impression with your entry door, you need a door by a great manufacturer. That’s why at Johnson County Siding & Window Co., we offer doors from ProVia.

Experience And Craftsmanship

ProVia Door has been making entry doors in Amish country, Ohio, for over 30 years. They’re meticulous about the craftsmanship they build in every door, which is why their doors make such a strong impression. They have a variety of designs and finishes. Some doors have small panes of decorative glass, while others offer a French door appearance. The detailed grooves vary from door to door, and because these doors are built to last, you can count on that elegant curb appeal for years to come.


ProVia offers both steel and fiberglass doors, two of the strongest materials available right now for entry doors. But just because they’re sturdy, doesn’t mean they look clunky and cold. In fact, both steel and fiberglass doors can be made to mimic the look and texture of wood, to the point that homeowners might not even notice the difference when they use them. But unlike wood, ProVia’s steel and fiberglass doors resist adverse effects of the weather, like swelling, warping, or rotting. No matter what the weather might be, these doors look great, with much less maintenance.

Customized To Your Home

Ultimately, you don’t want just any entry door. You want one that fits your home, your style preferences and practical needs. ProVia doors offer customized sizes and finishes so that you can have the perfect door for your home. If you’re going for a specific sort of design or aesthetic for your home, custom ProVia doors can be a great way to make that cohesive.

ProVia doors will not only make a big impression on your guests, they’ll transform your home’s exterior. Contact Johnson County Siding & Window Co. today for more information.